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Tassie Cars is now accepting basic private adverts for free for Cars, Caravans, Trailers and Bikes etc, aren't we nice?

To place your advert Click Here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Advertising a vehicle | Advertisement Checklist | Writing your advert | Registration and Log In | Technical Problems

Advertising a vehicle
1. How much does it cost to advertise my vehicle?
Advertising your vehicle on Tassie Cars is now free. Once your advertisement has been approved and published on the Tassie Cars web site, the advertisement will remain on the web site until you notify us that the vehicle has been sold.

2. How do I place my advert on Tassie Cars?
Placing your advert on Tassie Cars is easy. Just register with Tassie Cars (in the top right hand corner of the home page or click here to register now), then you are able to place your advertisement. Click the link to advertise on the homepage, or if you are logged in click "My Advertisements" under member options in the top right hand corner, then follow the prompts. Before placing your ad, please see our Advertisement Checklist, Writing your Advertisement and our Selling Guide.

3. When will my advertisement appear on the site?
All advertisements submitted to Tassie Cars must obtain approval from Tassie Cars staff before being published on the web site. Length of time for advertisement approvals varies dependant on the payment method chosen and when payment is received.

Advertisements supplied on-line to Tassie Cars between 9.00am Monday until 4:00pm on Thursday are processed within 24 hours and published on the site immediately upon approval, providing payment is received. Advertisements submitted on Friday and on weekends are processed on Monday morning, with the exception of National Public Holidays.

In order to avoid delays in processing your advertisement approval, it is important that we receive your payment as soon as possible and, if paying by direct deposit, cheque or money order, you must ensure you include the reference number indicated on your advertisement for us to match your payment easily. Common mistakes people make when paying are using references such as 'car ad', 'Tassie Cars', or simply using their first name e.g. 'Mike', or the type of car advertised e.g. 'Ford'. References like these are to be avoided as we are are unable to process the payment as we cannot match the payment to the advertiser, which then delays approval of the submitted advertisement.

4. What if I want my advertisement approved quickly?
In the event that you require your advertisement published as soon as possible, we recommend payment via our secure credit card facility. If you don't wish to pay via credit card, the only other option is to email us confirmation of your direct deposit.

5. I don't own a scanner or digital camera, how can I include a photo of my car?
If you have a photograph already, post it to

Tassie Cars
P.O. Box 4098
Invermay, TAS 7248

Please write your full name, vehicle registration and Advert Reference Number on the back of the photograph. Any photos supplied with adverts must be a true representation of the advertised vehicle. Please note that we can only return photographs if you include a stamped, self-addressed envelope.

If you need to add or change your photo/s simply mail them to us at the above address, providing the same information.

6. How can I amend the details on my advert once it's published, e.g. lower the price?
Once your advert has been placed, you will be able to access any adverts you have placed by ensuring you are logged in, and accessing the My Advertisements link on the home page, or following the link on one of the emails sent to you by Tassie Cars.

Once your amendment has been submitted, your advertisement needs to be re-approved. Please allow up to 24 hours on weekdays for changes to your advertisement to be updated on the web site.

If you are experiencing any difficulties, please use our contact form.

7. My vehicle is now sold, how do I remove my ad from the site?
Once your vehicle is sold, Log in and access the My Advertisements link on the right side of the home page, select the "Active" tab up the top, select your advert and simply click the "Close Advert" button to the bottom right of the advert.

8. My advertisement has been removed from the site, but I didn't notify Tassie Cars that my vehicle was sold?
This can happen as a result of one of two things.

1) To ensure that Tassie Cars has an up to date listing of vehicles for sale, after 28 days Tassie Cars will automatically close adverts on the site that have not been renewed. Emails are sent out at intervals leading up to the end of this 28 day period inviting people to renew their advertisement for free to ensure it stays listed on the website, at which point the 28 day period will restart.

2) You need to Log in and update your details with Tassie Cars. In the event that we find an advertisement is published with false information, or the email address we hold is invalid we may, at our discretion, suspend an advertisement pending advice from the advertiser.  From time to time, we get reports from buyers that the contact details for sellers are obsolete. It is important that all advertisements on the site have the correct contact details for the seller, and it is the advertisers responsibility to keep their contact details up-to-date, including their email address.

If you find that your advertisement has closed and you wish to renew it, simply click the My Advertisements link on the top right, click the "Closed" tab up the top, and hit the "Renew" button to the bottom right of your advertisement.

9. When is the best time to sell my car?
There are better times of year to sell some types of car than others, but there is no guarantee whenever you sell. Common sense would tell you that convertibles sell better in Spring and Summer and 4 wheel drives sell better in Autumn and Winter. Advertising your car at the appropriate time of year will mean you get more response to your advertisement and you are more likely to get a better price.

If you're experiencing any difficulties, please use our contact form.

Advertisement Checklist
1. What do I need before I place my advert on Tassie Cars?
To place an advertisement with Tassie Cars, you must first be registered. Please click here to register.
Before placing your advert you need the following information:
  • Vehicle Registration Number, or Vin Number if currently unregistered.
  • Odometer Reading
  • The post code of where the vehicle is located
  • Your asking price, and if you are accepting offers
  • Make, Model and Colour (e.g. Daihatsu, Applause, Red)
  • The Model Year of Manufacture and the Variant (e.g. 1999, Executive 4 door sedan)
  • The engine size and transmission (e.g. 1.6i 4 cylinder, 4 speed, automatic)
  • Full feature list (e.g. Air Conditioning, CD Stacker, Power Steering, Alloy Wheels, etc.)
  • Up to 8 photos of your car. If you are unable to submit photos digitally can can mail them to us see Advertising a Vehicle
  • Your written description of the vehicle - for hints on writing your advert see Writing Your Advert
  • Your payment method, we accept payments by Bankcard, Mastercard, Visa, Postal Order, Cheque and via Direct Deposit.
Writing your advert
1. How do I write my advert for placement on Tassie Cars?
Since we approve all advertisements on Tassie Cars before they are published, we see the good ads, the bad and the extremely bad ads. Instead of simply telling you how to write a good ad, here a some big mistakes sellers make, and for you to avoid.
  • Dribbling on and on about how wonderful your car is. Keep your advert simple and to the point. No one wants to see or read an advert that goes on for half a page! We nearly go to sleep reading them to approve them, and so will buyers.
  • Leaving out important information. Don't be fooled into thinking CD Stackers are standard in your car and everyone knows that (they don't). List any feature that has potential to help sell your bike. Here are some examples: low KM, 12 or 6 months registration, recently serviced, near new tyres, new brakes, mechanically sound and extremely reliable, economical, any parts that have been recently replaced or serviced e.g. clutch, exhaust, re-gassed air conditioning, new CV joints and so on.
  • Being dishonest. If your car is in excellent condition then by all means say so! But if it isn't, don't be tempted to make your car sound better than it is in an attempt to get buyers to look at your car. All that will happen is that buyers will be met with disappointment, will be even less likely to buy your car and you will be wasting both your time and theirs! In addition, if you do misrepresent the vehicle to a buyer and they have trouble with the vehicle, depending on the circumstances, they may be able to take legal action against you for their losses incurred.
  • Setting the asking price too high. Oh, the woes of those who try to sell their car and want too much for it. It doesn't matter how well your advert is written if you set your asking price too high. So you've spent thousands since owning the car, or you need $11,000 to be able to buy your next car. So what? The buyer doesn't care. They only care what it is worth in comparison to other vehicles just like it and what is the best buy for them. Price your car from the buyers perspective if you want a response to your advertisement, otherwise you will be waiting by the phone and we can almost guarantee it won't be ringing!.
  • Not adding a photo or photos of your car. A potential buyer will want to see photos and not having a picture may put them off. Take pictures of the front and side on an angle, the front directly, the side, the back, under the bonnet, the front interior, the rear interior, the boot and a close up of any special features of your car, Mag wheels, for example..

In short, keep your advert simple and to the point, be honest, get the asking price right and add photos!

Registration and Log In
1. How do I register on the site?
Registering with Tassie Cars is simple. Click here and follow the instructions.

Once registered, wait for the confirmation email to be sent to you and make sure that you click the link in the email to activate your account. You can then Log in.

If you are experiencing any problems registering, please use our contact form.

2. How do I log in?
To log in, simply enter your email address and password on the home page.

If you have only just registered, wait for the confirmation email to be sent to you and make sure that you click the link in the email to activate you account. You can then Log in.

If you are experiencing any problems logging in, please use our contact form.

3. I've forgotten my login/password?
Forgetting your log in or password is a common problem, especially if you have not personalised your password.

Click here for an instant emailed password reminder.

4. How do I change my password or address?
Once you've logged in, you can change any of your personal details, access the Update My Details link on the home page under Member Options. You can then change your details and click Update. Your password or details will automatically be updated.

Click here to change your password or details.

5. I've ticked remember my password, but I keep getting logged out?
As a security measure, and to save connections on our web site server, the site will log you out after 60 minutes of inactivity. To avoid this, close your browser window when you are not using the web site and visit the again when you want to continue.

Technical Problems
1. I can't view the drop down menus?
If you're having trouble viewing any areas of the site, please use our contact form.

2. I'm having trouble searching for a car?
For advice about using our search facility please see our Search Tips page

3. I keep getting technical errors?
For any technical errors, please use our contact form.

Advertising a vehicle | Advertisement Checklist | Writing your advert | Registration and Log In | Technical Problems

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