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Why Get a Car Warranty?

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When you buy a car there are many number of things that can go wrong, from the air conditioning to even the whole engine blowing up. Any one of these things going wrong can leave you with a huge bill.

A car warranty, depending on the level of protection purchased, can cover many major mechical parts, including the
  • engine
  • transmission
  • differential
  • cooling system
  • electrical system
  • braking system
  • air conditioning
  • clutch
  • electronic ignition components
  • fuel pump and fuel injection systems
  • drive shafts
  • cv joints and universals
  • turbos
  • Towing, Accommodation and Car Hire are also covered in some circumstances.


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Warranty Checklist

A warranty provides insurance on the major parts of your car and if any of the covered parts fail then the bill is paid for by the warranty provider.

Getting a warranty on your next car purchase is definitely well worth it, but make sure you read the small print. You will no doubt have responsibilities as well in order to keep the warranty valid. Most warranty providers will require that you have the car serviced at certain regular intervals and, depending on the age of the car, only servicing your vehicle by an approved repairer will keep the contract valid. In the event of making a claim you may need to produce all original paperwork to prove that the work has been done. 

In addition things like neglecting your vehicle, misusing it or existing mechancial faults aren't covered (in other words there is no point getting a warranty on your car just because you suspect your car is going to blow up, you will be wasting your money).

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