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Terms and Conditions for Private Advertisers

1. Interpretation
In the following terms and conditions, unless a contrary intention is shown:
"we", "us" and "our" refers to XEON Finance Group Pty Ltd, trading as Tassie Cars (ABN 48 167 642 015);
"you", "your" refers to the customer;
"Business Hours" means Monday to Friday from 9 am to 5 pm, with the exception of official Public Holidays in Launceston, Tasmania;
"Material" includes information, documents, artwork and photographs created by us;
"Website" means the Tassie Cars website:
"Working Day" means Monday to Friday with the exception of official Public Holidays in Launceston, Tasmania.

2. When a contract is formed
If you submit an advertisement for publication on the Website, you are deemed to be making an offer to us on the terms and conditions in this agreement. No contract exists until we accept your advertisement for publication on the Website and inform you it has been accepted.

3. Duration of placement
An advertisement will remain on the Website for 28 days from the date of first publication. You can renew the advertisement for free, at which point the time remaining on the Website will refresh to 28 days. You can renew the advertisement indefinitely. We will contact you via email from time to time to ensure that the vehicle is still for sale and to remind you to renew your advertisement at no cost if it is still for sale. If your email address becomes invalid, or your email inbox becomes full, we may cancel your advertisement if it is not renewed within 28 days.

4. Multiple Advertisements
We are only able to display one advertisement for each vehicle at any one time on the Website. If you order a subsequent advertisement for a vehicle that is already advertised on the Website, then the subsequent advertisement will be denied

5. Price
The price of a standard on-line advertisement with Tassie Cars is $0.00 (including GST).

6. Processing your advert
Only one vehicle may be featured in each advertisement. The advert you supply must be legal, honest and free of profanities. We may amend your advertisement to ensure compliance with these requirements.

In order to meet the technical and production requirements of the Website, We reserve the right to edit, amend or alter the copy or photograph supplied by you. Where possible we will contact you to inform you of these changes before publication, unless they are minor.

If we are unable to accept an advertisement for any reason, we will attempt to inform you if reasonably possible. If we reject the advertisement, we will not charge you.

If we accept your advertisement for publication you license us to use the material you supply to us, including text and photographs. The copyright in the published version will be owned by us and you assign all copyright in the published version to us.

7. Payment mechanism available & level of security offered
We offer two payment methods, by credit card on-line or by sending us a cheque or money order.

To process card payments we will refer you to eWAY, a dedicated e-commerce provider, who will take payment via a secure server (SSL) connection to ensure the safety of your payment on-line. Payment can be made using Visa, MasterCard or Bankcard. No other payment method can be accepted through eWAY.

As we have chosen eWAY we do not deal with your credit card details and therefore cannot accept liability for any loss or damage incurred as a result of using the secure payment mechanism.

By mail
If you do not wish to use your credit card on-line, you can send us a cheque or money order made payable to Tassie Cars. Please write your Advert Reference Number on the back and cheques should also be crossed and marked "Not Negotiable".
Our postal address is:

Tassie Cars
P.O. Box 4098
Invermay, TAS 7248

8. Publication times
Advertisements supplied on-line to Tassie Cars between 09:00 Monday until 16:00 on Friday will be processed in 24 hours and published on the site the following Working Day. Advertisements submitted between 16:00 on Friday until 09:00 on Monday will be processed and published on the site on the first Working Day following the submission of the advertisement.

9. How to cancel your advert
Advertisements can be cancelled by logging into and clicking the Cancel Advert button next to your advertisement in your current advertisement list or sending an e-mail - quoting the advertisement Make, Model and Registration - by using our contact form.

In order to obtain a full refund on the cost of the advertisement - cancellations must be made in writing before publication and within 24 hours of being submitted.
Cancellations made after the publication of the advertisement will not be eligible for a refund.

10. Confirmations, deletions and rejections
As soon as we accept your advertisement for publication, a confirmation email will be sent to you explaining that the advertisement has gone live on the site. Please do not delete this email as it also gives instructions on how to delete your advert when your vehicle is sold or becomes unavailable.
If you experience any difficulties, please use our contact form.

If we reject your advertisement, we will send you an email letting you know who you need to contact to find out why your advertisement was rejected.

11. Liability
We are not able to verify any statements (including the authenticity of photographs) made by you in the advertisement, accordingly, you are responsible for any losses, expenses, damages or other costs incurred by us caused by an untrue statement or inaccurate photograph supplied by you.

From time to time we will have to carry out routine maintenance and service of our servers and equipment. While we will try to keep disruption to a minimum, we cannot guarantee that your advertisement will be continuously available on-line for the duration of the advert.

We do not promise that the Website is free of errors. You must ensure that the information and adverts about you and your vehicles is correct. Subject to conditions or warranties implied by law which are incapable of exclusion, restriction or modification or where to do so is illegal or would render any provision of this agreement void:

  1. we give no warranty or condition and we make no representation in relation to the quality, fitness for any purpose or any other aspect of the Website;
  2. we are not liable for any loss, costs, damage or injury, which may be suffered by you or a third party in connection with this agreement or use of the Website, no matter how it arises and whether caused by negligence of our employees, officers, agents or contractors; and
  3. when the law permits, our liability to you for breach of any condition or warranty:
  1. in the case of services is limited to, at our discretion, supplying the services again or paying the cost of having the services supplied again; and
  2. in the case of goods is limited to replacement of the goods or the supply of equivalent goods, the repair of the goods, the payment of the cost of replacing the goods or buying equivalent goods, or the payment of the cost of having the goods repaired.
The provisions of this clause 11 survive the expiration or earlier termination of this agreement.
Tassie Cars is not a party to any transaction between you and any person or entity receiving information on the Website, and is not liable for any cost or damage arising directly or indirectly from any action or inaction of any persons or entity's advertisement.

12. General
This agreement supersedes any earlier proposal, representation or agreement, whether written or oral with respect to this agreement and the Website or your Website.

Failure or delay by us in enforcing a provision of this agreement does not mean that we no longer regard that provision as binding. A waiver by us of a provision or of a breach of this agreement does not constitute a waiver of another provision or a breach of the agreement.

If a provision of this agreement is unlawful, void, or unenforceable, it is deemed to be severed from this agreement, and as far as possible the provision or its severance is not to affect the validity or enforceability of the remaining provisions of the agreement.

This agreement is governed by, and construed in accordance with, the laws of Tasmania. You agree to submit exclusively to the jurisdiction of the courts of that State.

13. Privacy Policy
All personal information supplied to us by you will be treated according to our privacy policy.